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When planning a business trip, it’s not just your destination that counts. Your choice of accommodation will impact business success. Comparing serviced apartments and hotels is something we do often.

A serviced apartment is a home away from home you need when doing business in Cambridge. But staying in a serviced apartment can help you achieve much more than great comfort during your business trip as we’ll discover in this blog post.

A relaxed atmosphere

Whatever the goals of your upcoming business trip, feeling more relaxed is the key to unlocking your business’ true potential in a brand new location.

Unbeknown to most relaxing is actually great for productivity. Feeling relaxed will leave you more energetic, alert and awake, meaning you can take those business tasks on with vigour on your trip. Looking to take your business in a new direction on your trip? Relaxation could be the key to achieving innovation as MagForWomen explains:

“You are likely to have better chances of getting good ideas when you have a relaxed mind; and effective ideas are crucial to increasing productivity. If you get stressed and stuck for ideas, you may feel less motivated to complete your job which may eventually decrease your productivity. Remember a relaxed mind is always more open to the incoming flow of varied and creative ideas.”

You’re also more resilient when relaxed. Those looking to come to Cambridge to network will find their relationship building skills improve with a bit of relaxation.

As your temporary home and office, your serviced apartment has all you need to feel relaxed, a state of mind that will help you to be your best business self throughout your trip.

Better security and privacy

Your security and privacy is important to us. Our award winning serviced apartments allow you to strike the right balance between privacy and freedom.

This means you can get on with your day, whether your schedule involves exploring the city in search of new business opportunities or working on your plan of action from your apartment.

Business success is within reach with your serviced stay, and you have the freedom and flexibility to do what you have to do for your company’s progression.

Lots of space

The average serviced apartment boasts up to 30% more space than a hotel room, which means you’ll have plenty of room to live and work during your business trip. Space is vital to the success of your business trip.

The improved facilities on offer guarantee the space and amenities you need to live independently, entertain, and relax at the end of a long day.

The kitchen and dining facilities available in our serviced apartments also mean you can choose to stay in or eat out during your business trip. This is great if you need to stay in to work on your big business plans or alternatively, wine and dine business associates.

A few added extras

As well as providing the comfort, freedom and privacy of home, there are a few added extras that’ll ensure ultimate convenience throughout your stay. Housekeeping and concierge services aren’t restricted to posh hotels, they’re available from your serviced apartment too.

Excellent value for money

Serviced apartments offer better value for money, especially when compared to hotels and other accommodation options. We understand that you don’t need the headache of balancing the books to make a business trip possible. Our affordable accommodation ensures it’s easy to put business growth first whilst guaranteeing major savings for your company.

In short, our serviced apartments let you do what works for you and your business when it works for you allowing you to harness business success on corporate trips long and short.