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Lockdown measures are easing week by week as the UK emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, and with summer officially here, thoughts can now turn to book that much-needed and long-awaited summer holiday.

Many airlines and travel companies are now serving a selection of short-haul destinations. Air bridges between low-risk countries have become the only way to travel and avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

There is still a lot of red tapes when it comes to holidaying overseas in the wake of lockdown. As a passionate supporter of staycations, we’re here to share with you some of the reasons why you should say “no” to plane travel and “yes” to a UK staycation when booking your getaway for the summer ahead.

A simpler way to holiday

As we mentioned, holidaying overseas is still a minefield, but by choosing a staycation you don’t have to worry about quarantine periods or booking a destination with a suitable air bridge.

As of the start of July, more and more restaurants, pubs, hotels, holiday parks, and campsites are back open for business. This means that the possibilities are endless when choosing a destination to visit on home turf.

Your chance to give back

The economy has suffered terribly during the lockdown, and as businesses get back on track they need your support to be successful once more.

By going on a staycation, you are doing more than just holidaying. You’re giving back to a recovering, local community right here in the UK.

It’s cheaper than holidaying abroad

Keeping a handle on those purse strings is more important than ever at the moment, but why should you forgo your annual summer holiday?

A staycation offers an affordable alternative, especially when compared with an all-inclusive holiday overseas.

Here Skint Dad explains how:

“First of all, there’s no worrying about exchange rates or having to work out how many euros or dollars to the pound every time you shop. There’s also the added bonus of not having a load of coins when you come back that you can’t change back or do anything with… With no flights, baggage add ons and airport parking you’re saving money straight away. Your costs are going to be on accommodation (if you don’t plan to stay at home), activities and food (which you’d buy anyway).”

Travelling is made easier

The worst thing about embarking on a summer holiday has to be the many hours that you have to spend travelling (or waiting to travel).

During this journey, it’s not just time you’ll waste but money, as eating and drinking at an airport is very expensive.

With a staycation, you don’t have to worry about travelling too far and dealing with the logistics that come with it, which will be a godsend, especially if you have young children.

By choosing a destination a little closer to home, you have the luxury of hopping into the car and taking a journey at a pace that suits you.

Less travel time will leave you feeling more recharged upon your return. There are after all no time zones, late nights or long haul flights to deal with.

You’ll lower your carbon footprint

Plane travel is particularly bad for the environment. By holidaying close to home, you travel a shorter distance and reduce your carbon footprint.

The familiarity of holidaying at home means you’re more likely to embrace eco-friendliness throughout your break too.

You’ll be more confident exploring by bike, on foot, or using public transport, which is better for the planet. You’ll also be more tempted to go off the beaten track to discover even more about your destination.

It’s your home away from home

Choosing a serviced apartment for your staycation will ensure that wherever you choose to holiday in the UK, you’ll be able to enjoy all the comfort of home. Serviced apartments are also a great choice for families looking for more flexibility and freedom.

At Citystay, we specialise in delivering staycations with a difference. With a number of centrally based apartments to choose from in the heart of Cambridge, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable staycation in a charming, cultural, and interesting location.

Our Cambridge City Break offer means you can buy now and stay later to ensure you can book your summer getaway with confidence, even during these uncertain times.

By booking a city break with us, you can enjoy discounts of more than 50%, plus look forward to a number of perks during your stay.

You can stay with us whenever you like within 12 months of purchase, so there’s no pressure to commit to a date right away.

Join the #staycation revolution today by calling +44(0)1223 420920 or emailing reservations@citystayuk.com. You can also book online here.