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When it comes to business, the world really is your oyster. Companies serving all industry sectors are able to enter a multitude of national and international markets with the right ideas, the best products or services, and a great strategy. The business trip is one of the many perks of running your own company. Finding a place to stay during a business trip however can be tricky.

When travelling for leisure, the most you have to think about is whether the accommodation you choose is within budget, centrally located, clean and comfortable. But when travelling for business, your accommodation has to serve as both your home and your office. To help you along just in time for your next business trip, we’ve compiled a rundown of suitable accommodation options and why they may (or may not) work for you.


The top hotels may exceed standards in terms of security, comfort and luxury, but it’s important to remember that they are the preferred accommodation for all types of travellers. This isn’t necessarily a good thing for business travellers.

Many hotels are geared towards those visiting for tourism, guests that will simply require somewhere to sleep after spending their days and nights exploring their surroundings. As a result, space can be difficult to come by, meaning you may not be comfortable using your hotel room as a place to sleep, live and work. We’re not saying all hotels aren’t well-suited to business travellers, some provide the location, choice and costs, food and drink choices, workspace and special amenities that business travellers need. You should, however, make your choice carefully using this advice from Forbes:

“TripAdvisor is a great place to start your hotel search. Filter hotel reviews so that you see only the reviews submitted by solo travellers or business travellers. Look at negative reviews first to see if there’s a common theme. If business travellers complain that the internet connection is unreliable or solo travellers report that there isn’t a second lock on the door, those are deal breakers.”


Business travellers wishing to undertake corporate trips on a budget may consider staying at a hostel. Hostels have indeed come a long way to shake off their grubby, student-orientated image but their shared amenities are not suitable for the majority of business travellers.

Hostels are inexpensive and have fully equipped kitchens, which is great if you’re travelling as a group. But the lack of privacy can be a problem if you deal with sensitive information as part of your business activities. Shared facilities increase the risk of theft too. Some hostels also have curfews and limited staff, which won’t work well if you require a more personalised experience as many business travellers do.

Rented rooms

Rented rooms have similar advantages and disadvantages to hostels. Again the lack of privacy will be the biggest issue for guests wanting to keep their business information and equipment secure throughout their stay.

Short term lets

Business travellers who need to stay a little longer may find more convenience, comfort and cost savings by considering a short term let. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, you can enjoy a wide range of facilities to satisfy your personal and professional requirements throughout your long term business trip.

Our sister company Checked-Inn provides effortless, luxury accommodation for corporate travellers. Unlike privately rented accommodation you can stay for less than six months, as well as enjoy a turnkey solution that’s fully furnished, fully equipped and complete with all the bells, whistles and Wi-Fi access.

Serviced apartment

Short term lets may be perfect for longer business trips but those wanting all the facilities, amenities and space they offer (and more) for the short term need look no further than the serviced apartment.

We provide award-winning guest experiences and high quality serviced accommodation in the heart of the city. Serviced apartments provide the homely feeling that gives you the opportunity to work more productively and relax after a long day of networking. They’re also exceedingly spacious with a fully-fitted kitchen to add to the freedom and flexibility of your experience. Serviced apartments are more private and affordable than other accommodation options, which means a win-win for business travellers looking for a great deal without compromising on quality.

Thanks to its booming economy, the city of Cambridge has become an increasingly popular haunt for those looking to expand their horizons on the corporate scene. As a leading accommodation provider in Cambridge, we’ve greeted professionals from all over the world and supplied a home away from home while they’re in the city on business. To find out more about our serviced apartments in Cambridge, please contact our team today.