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With fewer Covid-19 restrictions in the UK than ever before, the entire nation has been busy adjusting to a whole new normal post-pandemic. Getting your business back out there is now firmly on the agenda for companies up and down the country.

With a speedy recovery on most business owners’ minds, expanding reach, exploring new locations, and connecting with even more customers are all priorities. A well-timed carefully organised business trip is one way to tick all these boxes.

Taking your business on the road isn’t easy, but with our top tips, you can enjoy a successful business trip and maximise productivity.

Be prepared when packing

You need to be armed with more than just your laptop when embarking on a business trip. Several items are must-packs whether you’re travelling to Cambridge from overseas or another part of the UK.

Tech, important travel documents, toiletries and of course business cards should be high on your packing list. Taking a strategic approach when packing your workwear is also recommended as digital style influencer Amber Venz Box details:

“I pre-plan every look for the trip from head to toe, laying out each outfit with jewellery, bag, shoes and any other accessories. By planning, I avoid weighing my bag down with extra garments and ensure that I have appropriate attire for each meeting and event. Be strategic with shoes. For trips that are five days or less, I try to pack only two to three pairs of shoes. I typically choose black heels or boots and then black flats.”

Your choice of luggage and how you pack can also mean the difference between travelling light and bringing everything but the kitchen sink along with you. Read our top packing tips for more advice.

Schedule your time wisely

Whilst we’re certain you want to make the most of every moment of your business trip, overfilling your diary can be rather counterproductive.

Be as realistic as you can when planning your business trip schedule, giving yourself extra time for every task and appointment. You should also make time for downtime. Yes, slowing down to speed up is a real thing with brain breaks actually the key to better productivity and increased focus.

Book your home from home

Finding the right accommodation for a business trip can make all the difference to your success when travelling for corporate reasons, and you don’t have to opt for an overpriced, inflexible hotel room.

Here at Citystay, we understand that it’s important to feel at home when you’re far away from yours. That’s why we’d recommend booking a serviced apartment for your business trip.

The homely feel of a serviced apartment means you can get comfortable after a long day of meetings and networking, and do all you can to stave off the loneliness that’s so common during business trips.

By choosing a Citystay apartment, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a few added business bonuses. Our award-winning serviced accommodation isn’t just a home from home, it’ll double as your temporary office too. You’ll have free unlimited, high-speed WiFi at your disposal. Many of our apartments also come equipped with dedicated workspaces.

Our serviced apartments are ready and waiting to serve you whatever the day’s schedule calls for. You’ll enjoy better value for money than staying at a hotel too, which we’re sure your accountant will thank us for!

Book your serviced stay today and take your business on the road this autumn.