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Whether you’re booking a business trip to find the best place to start your company or expand it, productivity is certain to be high on the agenda.

Making the most of every minute of your business trip is essential, particularly if you’re looking to make a comeback after a tough year.

As well as choosing the right destination, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your business trip is a fruitful one as our business travel experts will explain in this blog post.

Plan ahead for success

As the saying goes ‘planning makes perfect’, and this couldn’t be truer when organising a business trip.

As well as making your corporate break more productive, planning your trip well in advance will make sure it’s stress free. This is particularly true if you’re leaving your business in the capable hands of another partner, manager, or trusted employee during your time away.

In addition to selecting a destination that helps you to accomplish your business travel goals, make an itinerary that will exploit all available opportunities. Even time spent travelling can be used to your advantage.

Do your research and schedule in meetings, seminars, conferences and other important business appointments accordingly.

Make time for downtime

Your carefully planned itinerary shouldn’t be all work and no play. To be your most productive, you’ll need to bring balance to your busy schedule with some downtime.

Contrary to popular belief, rest is the key to enjoying higher efficiency, especially when you’re out of your comfort zone and exploring a new corporate stomping ground.

Breaking up a day of business appointments with rest and relaxation will keep you focused, motivated, efficient, and able to make the best decisions.

It’ll also work wonders for your creativity as Lifehack reveals:

“More and more research confirms that regularly giving your mind a break promotes creativity, while failing to take rest days can erode innovative thinking.

This might explain those flashes of insight that come to you in the shower or after a nap – little glimpses of evidence proving that down time is essential for the brain to generate fresh ideas.

Heck, it’s even said that Albert Einstein thought up the theory of relativity while out for a bike ride.”

Setting personal goals to achieve during your business trip is another way to maintain a productive and positive work-life balance that will be beneficial to you.

Discover more tips for using rest to boost your productivity here.

Choose the right base

So, you’ve chosen the perfect destination for your business trip, but what about your home away from home?

Where you spend the night and some of your working day when you’re not out growing your business is vital to productivity.

You need a space you can call your own throughout your business trip, and a setting that doubles as your temporary home and workplace.

With this in mind, serviced accommodation is the best choice for business travellers. In a serviced apartment, you have the space, freedom, flexibility, and facilities to work, play, and relax however you see fit.

Those planning a corporate trip to Cambridge will find our serviced apartments the best in the business.

Citystay serviced accommodation is not only centrally located and convenient, it combines all the perks of a luxury hotel with the space and amenities of a deluxe apartment.

Our Covid-secure apartments are also equipped with a dedicated desk and excellent WiFi so you can keep the momentum going after a busy day of networking and business appointments.

Take a closer look at our serviced apartments for further information on Citystay’s business-centric bases.

You can also book with us direct to enjoy the very best rates.