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With recent research revealing that Cambridge is one of the best cities in the UK to start a new business, we thought now would be a great time to shine the spotlight on the city from an entrepreneurial standpoint.

The first and second national lockdowns saw millions of workers from different industry sectors furloughed.

For many, being stuck at home sparked a new passion to pursue an interest or business idea that was previously put on the backburner.

A number of bright, untapped business brains have since been revealed, with lots of people biting the bullet to realise their own business dreams.

For those looking to turn that bright idea into a business, Cambridge offers an inspiring and thriving playground to hit the ground running. In this blog post, we take a closer look at why Cambridge is the best place to start your new business and a fitting location to ultimately turn it into a post-Covid business success story.

1. Cambridge businesses are leaders in their fields

When starting your business in Cambridge, you’ll be in great company. Cambridge businesses excel above many others, with those serving the technology (the city is home to ‘Silicon Fen’, the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley) and manufacturing sectors doing particularly well.

Here Vishal Chatrath, CEO of Cambridge AI company PROWLER.io, explains more about why the city has the perfect ecosystem for tech start-up success:

“In my experience, Silicon Valley is 10% tech and 90% hype, but Cambridge is just the opposite. As an entrepreneur, I want to bring world-changing technology to market. 

The way you do that is to make something that’s never existed before and create the science behind it. Cambridge, with its rich history of mathematicians, has the kind of scientific ambition to do that.”

2. The city is very well connected

Those looking beyond their bright business idea to the future will want to set up their company in a location that enables them to grow from strength to strength.

Cambridge is a city that is very well connected indeed, with local transport links taking you to the heart of London as well as nearby cities like Norwich and Peterborough.

Stansted Airport is also just 40 minutes away by car, which means the world is your oyster as you develop your business.

3. It’s a great base for amazing talent

In addition to providing easy and quick access to many of the UK’s (and the world’s) biggest business hubs, the city’s links to globally recognised academia will stand you in good stead.

The University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University are both on your business’ doorstep, so you’re guaranteed a steady stream of talent that will strengthen your company from within.

With the right employees, you’re in the best position to grow your company, build an enviable reputation and make your burgeoning business a success.

4. Cambridge is the place to be for locals and visitors

Those looking to bring a business to the hospitality, entertainment or retail industries will certainly appreciate Cambridge’s popularity with locals and visitors.

Cambridge receives millions of tourists every year, with visitors travelling to the city from the UK and the rest of the world. Even post -lockdown,  Cambridge remains the perfect staycation destination.

5. It has a thriving and supportive business community

Whether you have experience running a business or not, Cambridge’s business community is a great place for any entrepreneur to thrive.

The city hosts numerous events and talks to inspire and support would-be and new business owners. There are also several business incubators based in and around the city, so those just starting out can access the facilities to grow their business.

See exactly why Cambridge is a great place to start a business by staying with us. Book your Cambridge business trip today.