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The UK is bursting with fantastic business hubs, with opportunities to start, grow and succeed more wide-ranging than ever. Cambridge ranks highly in many rundowns of the best places to do business.

The city was recently named the best for long term success by the Guardian, with 49.4% of businesses still in operation after the crucial five-year period. Starting and growing your business in Cambridge is easy, here’s why.

Top talent on your doorstep

It’s no secret that Cambridge is home to the brightest bunch of people. The world-renowned University of Cambridge and the prestigious Anglia Ruskin University are both based here, giving businesses at all stages access to top talent.

How you manage this talent and retain and develop your superior workforce is the key to growth and long term success. The Balance Careers explains more about how a dedicated talent management strategy makes a difference:

“When you tell a prospective employee that you are dedicated to a talent management strategy that will ensure that he or she will have the opportunity to develop professionally, you attract the best talent. This is because studies show consistently that the opportunity to continue to grow and develop their professional and personal skills is a major motivator for why employees take and stay at a job.”

The university city also ranks highly in terms of job opportunities, housing and employee satisfaction making it an attractive place to work for talent looking to relocate from other parts of the country.

Easy access to other business hubs

By setting up in Cambridge and staying for the long term you have the opportunity to grow your business in the city and beyond. Cambridge has great transport links with access to London, Norwich, and Peterborough quick and simple. After you’ve conquered Cambridge, you can work on attracting new clients in these areas. The excellent transport links mean you can easily develop your business interests in other markets.

Those with international growth ambitions will appreciate that Cambridge’s nearest airport, Stansted, is reachable within 40 minutes by car.

A city on the cutting edge

Forget Silicon Valley, it’s all about Silicon Fen. Also known as the Cambridge Cluster, Cambridge based Silicon Fen is home to a high concentration of high tech businesses. The city is on the cutting edge of technology, with a world-class reputation for innovation in software, electronics and biotechnology. The UK’s answer to Silicon Valley is the ideal setting to establish a technology business.

The best support for your business

Businesses in Cambridge have access to the best support in the country, with a number of initiatives and ‘business incubators’ based in the city. Barclays’ Eagle Lab, Incubyte, St John’s Innovation Centre, and Serious Impact all call Cambridge their home. Local businesses can use these support services and resources to develop their companies from within.

Thanks to this assistance, your Cambridge business can access great office and meeting space, mentoring and coaching, and networking to boost growth, and cement success.

Want to relocate your business?

If you want to see what Cambridge can do for your startup or established business, why not give the city a try? Many business travellers stay in our centrally located serviced apartments to experience all the business benefits Cambridge has to offer before committing to a business move.

Choose our responsible accommodation for your business trip and see what Cambridge is all about.