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The latest government guidelines state that those who can work from home during the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic should do. In response to this, many companies have introduced mandatory remote work, making the home office the new normal for many professionals throughout the UK.

In theory, working from home offers a great opportunity to strike the perfect work-life balance. In practice, finding the time, space and motivation to work from home when the kids are running riot or there are other tasks occupying your mind isn’t easy. With the right advice, working from home can be fruitful.

A recent study found that 65% of those surveyed were more productive at home. Creating a dedicated workspace is the key to making working from home work for you. Whether you have a spare room or corner of an office to work with, there are a few tricks you can rely on to ensure a productive home office.

As a leading provider of serviced apartments for business use, we certainly know a thing or two about providing a space for work and play. Here our experts reveal their top tips for creating a workspace that lets you get the job done remotely, no matter how hectic your home life is at this difficult time.

Find the right space

A bed doesn’t make a great desk, and neither will your sofa. Finding a dedicated space for your home office is the key as designer Noz Nozawa explains:

“For me, establishing ‘The Place Where I Do Work’ has been incredibly important in making work and home coexist. I don’t have a separate room so my desk is in the main shared space. I have all the gear I need: ergonomic chair, big screen, comfy mouse, and a fab cup for all my pencils. It puts me in the zone of ‘when I’m here, I’m working,’ it helps me not get distracted by the kitchen (snacks!!) and lets me mentally separate after the workday is done.”

Your work from home space should ideally be positioned away from distractions, such as the TV and snack cupboard, and clearly defined as a place of work.

Choose a sunny spot

An area bathed in natural light, preferably near a window, will offer its own benefits for your productivity, creativity, health, and wellbeing. A well-lit area will reduce the risk of eyestrain to leave you energised throughout your working day.

If you don’t have a distraction-free, sunny spot available within your home, don’t worry. You can simulate a well-lit workspace with the right lighting. Adjust the position of current lighting or add another source to ensure a well-lit desk.

Invest in a comfy desk and chair

Great office space is all about ergonomics. Your desk and chair should help you maintain good posture to keep you feeling your best and working well.

Whether you have a dedicated desk or your workspace is your kitchen table or breakfast bar, adjust your chair to guarantee full support. Your hips should be higher than your knees and your feet should be able to rest on the floor or a footrest comfortably. If your chair position can’t be altered, improve comfort with a cushion.

If you’re working on a computer or laptop, make sure the screen or monitor is at the correct height. You shouldn’t have to tilt your neck to see clearly. The position of your keyboard and mouse should also allow comfortable typing with your wrists straight and your elbows at a right angle.

Remember, organisation is everything!

Every professional needs a clean, tidy and well-organised workspace to function at their best. Make use of storage in your temporary home office to ensure there’s a space for everything.

Paperwork and other bits and bobs to do with your home life should be filed away elsewhere to help you stay focused on the task at hand. Keep your most used materials close by to aid efficiency.

Don’t forget to decorate

Whilst the boundaries between your home and work life should be clear, as our business-centric serviced accommodation proves home comforts and personal touches can give you the professional edge. Decorating your new workspace with a family photo, a vase of your favourite flowers or a diffuser emitting a much-loved scent boosts morale and reduces stress.