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The Covid-19 lockdown saw life as we knew it come to a halt. Whilst some businesses were able to continue operating in some capacity online, many companies closed their doors completely during this period. The UK is now slowly but tentatively getting back to business, but for companies based in Cambridge, there’s more good news…

Getting back to work quicker

The new normal that the entire country (and even the world) is currently adjusting to is changing how we run our businesses. Even the seemingly simple task of commuting to work has been altered to ensure social distancing and other measures can be accommodated to lower the risk of transmission, limit the chance of a second wave and protect our NHS.

A recent study conducted by renowned property consultancy firm Bidwells found that of all the cities in the UK, Cambridge and Oxford we set to get back to work much faster post lockdown. And it all comes down to how the vast majority of workers in these cities travel to work.

Pedalling towards economic recovery

While Cambridge cycling levels have no doubt dropped considerably during lockdown, the enduring passion that Cambridge residents and workers have for cycling could be the secret to its predicted post-lockdown success.

The government, after all, is looking to overcome numerous challenges when it comes to how people travel to work. The risks associated with using public transport during this period are particularly high. There are also concerns about the increase in transport-related pollution once the country gets back to work, especially as nervous commuters look to avoid using public transport and instead travel by car.

Travelling to work by bike however solves all these problems, and with Cambridge already benefitting from an existing cycling infrastructure, there’s no stopping economic recovery in the area. Bike-friendly policies, cycling support from employers, and continual infrastructure investment from the public and private sector will also make Cambridge a commuter’s paradise post-lockdown.

Changing the face of commuting

Last year, just 2% of the journeys taken by commuters were completed by bike, but this could increase significantly. As well as offering a safer way to commute in the age of Covid-19, cycling to work unlocks a number of long term advantages for your mental and physical health. This will benefit both employees and the companies they work for as Cyclescheme explains:

“Millions of working days are lost each year through conditions like stress and anxiety, and the personal cost is even greater. It’s an issue that every employer has a moral obligation to take seriously. One thing that all employers should be doing is encouraging their staff to cycle to work – it can have a dramatic impact in improving mental wellbeing.”

Cycling to work is also 50% faster than driving during rush hour, which means you’ll be able to achieve a better work-life balance than ever before once you return to work. Cycling is, of course, great for the planet too, with less travel pollution a possibility as commuter’s switch their mode of transport.