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How to find your staycation heaven

The great British summer is almost here, which means many of us will be busily counting down to a well-timed and much deserved holiday. Overseas holidays are best to be avoided, but the staycation has never been so popular.

Even holidaymakers who only usually travel overseas for their sun, sea and sand are discovering the fabulous city, coastal, and countryside destinations right here in the UK.

A recent survey by LV= GI found that 20% of last year’s staycation goers were experiencing a holiday in the UK for the very first time!

When holidaying anywhere in the world, however, getting the destination just right is a top priority.

As leading suppliers of award-winning serviced accommodation for business and leisure, we’re well versed in what makes a destination worth travelling to.

Here we share our top tips for choosing the right staycation destination, just in time for summer.

Explore beyond the beach

Images of overcrowded beaches fill many with dread, particularly given that Covid-19 is still at the front of our minds. But a great staycation doesn’t have to be on the coast or even near it!

Choosing a city break may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not all cities are the big, busy and chaotic places they’re made out to be.

Take Cambridge as an example. As a city with a charming, forever welcoming vibe, it’ll feel like a home away from home, as well as an exciting adventure.

Can’t choose between a city break or rural retreat? Read this to discover the best option for your staycation.

Choose variety over all else

Choosing a city will mean a jam-packed itinerary. Families and groups of friends with varying tastes will all be satisfied with the range of activities, attractions, and experiences available.

There’s tons of free stuff to do in Cambridge too, so whether you have a big budget to play with or not, you’re guaranteed a great, memorable getaway.

Staycation destinations like Cambridge with its mix of free and paid attractions, and its indoor and outdoor activities, are particularly well suited to UK holidaymakers.

The weather in the UK is difficult to predict even during the height of summer. Yet come rain or shine, you’ll always find something fun to do or something interesting to see.

Indulge and expand your interests

Any staycation, whether it’s in the city, on the coast or in the depths of the countryside, is about making memories and experiencing something new. Make your summer 2021 staycation no exception, even if you are staying on home turf.

North East Connected explains how to indulge your interests and expand on them during your upcoming trip:

“The fact that you’re staying in the UK doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old activities. You’ll have a far more interesting and memorable staycation if you try new and unusual activities that push you out of your comfort zone and help widen your perspective… Researching your destination probably sounds too much like work, but it’s actually a great way to form a closer connection to the place you’ll be visiting.”

You could even use your interests and your ambition to try something different to set a theme for your staycation. Play to your travelling style and decide if you’d like an active, relaxed, outdoorsy, indulgent, healthy or educational holiday.

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