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Success may come with hard work, but looking after yourself is the only way to triumph both personally and professionally. Stress is the number one killer of productivity in the business world.

Too much of it will cause the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that leaves you no good for anything let alone running a successful business. Finding time to relax is therefore vital.

Relaxation is the key to productivity for a number of reasons. Here we take a look at the business benefits that go hand-in-hand with a laid-back mind, as well as provide tips for relaxing on your upcoming business trip.

The business benefits of relaxation

Without the right level of relaxation, your body will be in a continuous state of fight or flight. Making more time for relaxation and self-care isn’t unproductive, it’s as essential as hard work.

Leadership can, after all, take its toll on the most efficient and organised person. Leadership roles demand an immense level of effort, not to mention long hours, but with enough rest and relaxation, you can discover a healthier way to live and work.

With rest and relaxation, you can make more of your working hours. The increased concentration and focus you’ll gain will benefit all business activities. Creativity will also be increased and fresh new perspectives gained with a little time out.

By taking control of anxiety and ultimately eliminating high-stress levels from your professional life, your brain can function at its best so you can achieve your full potential. Physical problems linked to stress can also be avoided. Headaches, high blood pressure, and poor-weight management are just some of the issues encountered by stressed business leaders who fail to make time for relaxation.

Finding the time to rest

As emotional fitness guru Barton Goldsmith PhD from Psychology Today explains there’s no right or wrong time to relax:

“It doesn’t matter what form your idle time takes, as long as it’s not destructive. You owe yourself the gift of a deep breath and a view of the long sunset. And if you tell yourself that you’re being unproductive, remember that you can’t function well if you’ve exhausted all your resources by never stopping to take a rest. Again, it doesn’t matter when you do it. This is not about tradition. Pick whatever day and time work best for you, and make it a plan.”

Making relaxation a part of your routine will prioritise rest as you would any other business activity. Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed to make time for relaxation, however. Keep stress levels manageable by finding some ‘you’ time on a regular basis.

Relaxing on your business trip

There’s nothing more stressful than a change of environment, particularly if you’re busy growing your business in a new market or area. A business trip can, therefore, be emotionally, mentally and physically challenging without the right balance between work and relaxation.

Your business trip is the perfect time to prioritise rest and relaxation, and you’ll feel the positive effects of it straightaway.

Start by finding a great base for your business trip. A serviced apartment provides a home from home for business travellers looking for freedom, flexibility and comfort for both long and short corporate trips.

From your serviced apartment, you’re ideally located to explore the best of the destination – and the business opportunities it brings – as well as make better use of your day or evening off.

Business travellers staying with us in Cambridge will have the added advantage of nearby spa facilities. You don’t have to spend a fortune finding relaxation on your stay. Complete relaxation can be found by enhancing your stay with one of our occasion packs.

A simple walk around Cambridge or trip to one of the city’s free museums or galleries is a perfectly relaxing way to spend the day and get your mind refocused to resume business activities once again.