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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, enjoying an evening out in Cambridge simply isn’t an option these days. With the current nationwide lockdown and social distancing measures, staying in is officially the new going out. Staying home is essential for keeping yourself, your family, and the wider community safe.

But with some creative thinking and a few supplies you can make those evenings during lockdown enjoyable. Read on to discover our top ideas for your big nights in inspired by Citystay’s Occasion Packs.

Indulge in a pamper session

Who doesn’t love a good spa? Finding the time to relax and unwind is more important than ever as we come face to face with the realities of the Covid-19 crisis.

Here, HealthyLiving explains more about the power and importance of relaxation:

“Many responsible adults would not consider taking a day off from work simply so they could relax, yet they would consider it irresponsible not to take necessary medication.

Relaxation is critical for personal well-being, health maintenance, and for life itself. If you are among the majority of individuals who do not make relaxation a priority, it may be time to reevaluate your perspective on this critical subject. Your happiness, health and very life depend on it.”

Create your very own at-home spa and enjoy it as a couple, family or alone. All you need is a few shop-bought hair and skin treatments, a bottle of bubbly, and some nibbles for a nourishing evening in.

Decorate your living area with some fresh flowers and don your bathrobe and slippers for the ultimate spa experience.

Host a movie marathon

Recreate a trip to the cinema in your very own home by renting a movie and stocking up on popcorn. Sky customers can upgrade to Sky On-Demand, a service we offer to all our guests with our Citystay Movie Pack. With Sky On-Demand, you can access thousands of movies at home.

Netflix customers could also make their movie night more social thanks to their recently launched Netflix Party feature. Netflix Party allows you to watch movies with family members and friends isolating in other households.

This is the new way to watch Netflix together with playback of your favourite films, series, and documentaries fully synchronised and a group chat function allowing you to natter away long distance. More than 500,000 people have used Netflix Party so far and it’s proving a great way to stay connected during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sports fans and younger children needn’t be left out either! Adapt your movie night to your audience by upgrading to Sky Sports or taking a subscription out for the newly launched Disney+ streaming service.

Enjoy a cosy night in

Treating yourself, your partner and/or wider family to a meal out may not be possible right now, but enjoying a special meal and a cosy night in is still very much on the cards. Buy a bottle of your favourite wine, create a menu full of your favourite dishes, and don’t forget dessert.

Need inspiration for your extra special meal? Find 35 impressive and affordable dinner party worthy recipes here.