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Summer may be almost over but there’s still time to enjoy a getaway before the weather takes a turn. September is after all a great time to enjoy all that Cambridge is known and loved for.

If you’ve left all your planning to the very last minute, don’t panic. The following tips will help you to secure a staycation in the heart of Cambridge and enjoy the last of the summer sun in style – all without breaking a sweat or blowing the budget!

Do plenty of research

Research is the key to planning and booking any break with confidence, particularly holidays that have been left to the last minute.

With time not on your side, you’ll want to find the best deals for accommodation, attractions, activities and transport, and the way to do just that is by discovering your options on the World Wide Web.

Go beyond the norm

For destinations as popular as Cambridge, you may have to think outside of the usual options when booking your accommodation.

No longer do you have to settle for overpriced, under-proportioned hotel rooms. Serviced apartments provide the perfect accommodation for those booking last minute, wanting to stay for just the weekend or looking for a home away from home for a little longer.

Booking in advance is of course recommended but you won’t be stung by overinflated prices when booking at the last minute with us.

The freedom and flexibility that a serviced stay offers also makes perfect sense for last-minute staycation goers. You’ll have the option to dine in if you can’t get a reservation at a nearby restaurant. Whilst the apartment’s laundry facilities will make enjoying a fresh outfit every day of your stay easy if you packed in a rush too.

Sniff out those special offers

Even those in a rush to book would be crazy to miss out on the special offers and deals available last minute, especially when securing your accommodation.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search too far to find great savings on Cambridge staycation accommodation. Our special offers make travelling as a family or just for the weekend as affordable, convenient and luxurious as it should be, even when booking at the very last minute.

Browse our special offers to unlock huge discounts on our deluxe, centrally located serviced apartments.

Prebook your activities

Prebooking activities and attractions have become essential post-lockdown so be sure to book yours – even if they’re free like these Cambridge freebies – to avoid disappointment.

We’d recommend booking a tour of Cambridge’s colleges if you’re interested in the history and heritage of the city, and Country & Town House do too:

“In any other city a college tour would sound mind-numbingly dull, but no Cambridge day trip would be complete without seeing the colleges. To explore a place as rich in history as Cambridge you’ll either need to hit the books yourself or pay someone who has – an hour with a guide is one of the most interesting ways to make the most of your time there. The town is bursting with intelligent locals who know every date, name and place off the top of their head…”

By prebooking the activities and attractions on your last-minute staycation hit list, you can develop an itinerary easily and see the very best of your destination.

Travel outside of peak season

The end of summer signals the end of peak travel season for another year in the UK so take advantage of the great discounts that are out there. September, in particular, is a great time for a last-minute holiday or weekend away with the schools reopening for a new term.

Want to book a short notice staycation? Get started by booking your Cambridge serviced apartment right here.