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The great British staycation is loved by people from all walks of life. Given the state of recent events, the popularity of staycations is rising further, with dedicated overseas travellers now discovering all the perks of holidaying at home.

For families, in particular, staycations make perfect sense. From the moment you set out on your journey to your staycation destination, you’ll realise the benefits. We’ll let CuddlyNest explain more:

“Now that you don’t have to hop on a long-haul flight to get to your final destination, you can focus on the most important part of your trip: enjoying your vacation! 

Reduced travel time allows for more relaxing, adventuring, and fulfilling moments during your trip, whether it’s treating yourself by going to a nearby spa or hiking at your country’s stunning national park.”

As well as the journey to your destination being less of a stressful logistical nightmare, staycations are particularly cost-effective for families.

They’re also a great way to support local communities and the businesses that call them home.

Organising a staycation that all the family can appreciate is the only challenging thing about holidaying at home.

Thanks to the following guide, you can overcome this hurdle and enjoy an unforgettable staycation with your nearest and dearest this summer.

Start with the best accommodation

As your home away from home, your staycation accommodation has to be comfortable, private and give you the freedom you crave throughout your trip. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury.

With our award-winning, centrally located serviced apartments, you and your family can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our apartments are full of the home comforts every traveller enjoys on holidays long and short. You’ll also receive all the luxury you’ve come to expect on holiday.

Read more reasons why serviced apartments are the best choice for families.

Plan the perfect itinerary

Keeping every member of the family satisfied is a difficulty every parent faces daily. While you won’t be able to please everyone all the time, devising an itinerary that indulges each family member’s interest will tick a lot of boxes.

When planning your itinerary, research your destination thoroughly looking for activities that suit your needs and budget.

A word of advice: don’t plan too much, as being too restricted by timescales can take the fun out of the trip.

Schedule one or two activities or events per day and leave plenty of free time around these to explore the area.

Set yourself a budget

By planning a couple of activities per day, you can accurately set a daily allowance to ensure your family staycation stays on budget.

Booking activities, attractions, and experiences in advance will also minimise overspending during your staycation.

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank during your staycation. Many staycation destinations offer lots of free things to do and see, especially during the summer months.

Check out our guide to summer in Cambridge for the top, budget-friendly activities to enjoy in the great outdoors during your family staycation.