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For most of us, winter is the ideal time to hole up and get cosy at home. But with the season offering so many stunning scenes, it’d be a shame not to book a winter staycation somewhere beautiful!

During these unprecedented times, the UK staycation reigns supreme. An increasing number of holidaymakers are enjoying destinations closer to home to stay safe, yet still indulge their love of travel.

Even the most avid foreign travel enthusiasts have been converted to the humble staycation, discovering just what fun can be had on home turf.

If you’re looking to escape and enjoy a well-timed winter staycation here in the UK, we’ve got an essential guide for you.

Here’s how to plan the perfect winter staycation, whether you’re travelling to a destination just a stone’s throw away from home or a little further afield.

DON’T just pick any destination

There may be a long list of great destinations to explore here in the UK but picking the location for your staycation wisely is essential.

Choose a spot where you can do what you love. Those looking for the best of everything will want to add Cambridge to their staycation hit-list.

Cambridge is a charming city that’s intimate and romantic yet has tons to do and see. This makes Cambridge a great choice for those travelling with people of different ages and with different interests.

There’s plenty to explore and enjoy inside and out too, which is a huge positive considering the unpredictability of the great British weather.

Discover five more reasons why Cambridge is the perfect staycation destination.

DO prepare for every part of your trip

Whilst you don’t have to handle the logistics of overseas travel, being prepared for your winter staycation is still a must for maximum enjoyment.

Packing up the car and hitting the road may be a much simpler and stress-free way to travel, but many essentials should be a part of your luggage to make getting to and from your destination and enjoying every moment, a breeze.

If you are taking a long car journey with the children in tow, these travel essentials are even more vital. Technology is particularly useful in this situation as Complete Cover Group details:

“Download a wide variety of games, movies (short and long-form). Leave enough time – the night before might be too late to get enough material for the journey.

CHARGE everything fully before you set off and also have a battery pack to hand! All of your downloading efforts will be wasted if the battery is dead.”

Packing supplies that make your stay more practical and comfortable is another must. Guests staying with us will have all they need to get their trip off to a great start thanks to our welcome pack.

Bringing along a few creature comforts (like a favourite throw or pillow) is another way to make your serviced apartment feel more like home.

DON’T forget to do your homework

Planning makes perfect, and doing your homework has never been so important considering the current state of things.

While many attractions and activities are open for business, the Covid-19 pandemic means a number of these must-sees have to do things a little differently.

When devising an itinerary that suits you and the rest of your party, be sure to check the opening times and booking procedures of the attractions you want to visit.

Pre-booking tickets has become essential for limiting visitor numbers and keeping everyone safe.

It’s also worth reading up on the Covid-19 policies of each attraction to ensure you’re well prepared.

You should also familiarise yourself with the wider Covid-19 rules and restrictions of the area.

You can find out more about the local restrictions of your winter staycation destination by entering the postcode of your accommodation in GOV.UK’s postcode checker.

DO choose your accommodation wisely

Whether you’re travelling as a family, as part of a couple or on your own, your accommodation choice will make all the difference to the success of your staycation.

For most people, hotels just don’t cut it anymore, with the lack of space a real issue, particularly for larger parties and families. A serviced apartment is an excellent option for those wanting freedom, flexibility, space, and luxury from their winter staycation accommodation.

Your serviced apartment can be your home away from home. We offer centrally-located bases that are in the heart of the action as well as the space and facilities you need to spread out and truly relax during those cosy nights in.

DON’T tie yourself down

Here at Citystay, we understand it can be difficult to book a city break with confidence during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why our staycation offer allows you to take advantage of the best deals, discounts, and added perks – without having to commit to a specific date at the time of purchase.

Find out more about our staycation package here – it makes the perfect Christmas gift for that someone special too!