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Cambridge has always been a popular staycation for people living in the UK. It’s now also a leading destination on the international scene, with tourists travelling from far and wide to enjoy the city’s many delights.

While locals are divided on the throngs of tourist groups that frequent the city, as a leading accommodation provider to both leisure and business travellers, we can see and regularly hear why Cambridge is such a great place to visit. People are enjoying the city more than ever, with visitors wishing to stay a little longer to enjoy everything that Cambridge has to offer.

Cambridge is more than just a day trip or a city break. Here, we explain why with 7 reasons to stay a little longer in a city you’re certain to love.

A truly beautiful destination

Cambridge regularly features on lists of the world’s most beautiful cities, and you’ll see why when you arrive. It’s up there with London, Paris, and Florence – with its narrow streets, famous university, and stunning gardens just some of the aspects so many visitors praise. It was recently ranked by The Telegraph as the 9th most beautiful city you have to see in your lifetime, and here’s why it was rated so highly:

“Proponents of Cambridge’s superiority, however, will point to its intimacy, lack of poncy Cotswold stone buildings, and the simply superb architecture of King’s College. There is also a relative lack of ugly modern shopping precincts that blight the Oxfordshire contender’s centre.”

A portal into a diverse history

Well we’re talking about the city’s stunning architecture, what you’ll see in its buildings is a history that spans several centuries, which makes for fascinating viewing.

There are so many building styles to enjoy, and each has its own unique heritage. The city’s architecture takes you from the 15th century with King’s College chapel to the Fitzwilliam Museum built in the 19th century. You’ll find modern architecture at Quayside, an area that’s also the city’s punting hotspot.

The birthplace of great thinkers

You can’t mention Cambridge without giving a nod to its university. It may not be as old as its rival, the University of Oxford, but the University of Cambridge is known worldwide as a centre for exceptional learning and academia.

The institution has been the place of study, development and employment for some of the globe’s greatest thinkers, including Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, and Charles Darwin.

Plenty of attractions and activities

Whenever you intend to travel for your break in Cambridge, you’ll be greeted by a flurry of activities and attractions. Summer is a fantastic time to stay in the city with Cambridge’s festivals and events meaning every visitor will be spoilt for choice when devising their itineraries.

The attractions and activities in the city will see you exploring both indoors and out. Nature lovers will want to schedule a trip to Cambridge University Botanical Garden amongst other things, while history buffs have many museums to discover.

The very best food and drink

A trip to Cambridge is a culinary adventure. The city is home to a wide range of eateries, including Michelin starred restaurants, homely cafés, and traditional tearooms. Many of the eateries you’ll visit use the freshest and finest local produce, a fact you will notice in all you taste!

A quintessential British city

Cambridge has become an excellent place to experience British culture at its finest, which is one of the reasons why this destination is so popular with foreign tourists.

As well as admiring beautiful British architecture, visitors can celebrate all things Blighty. You can enjoy traditional afternoon tea, overlooking picturesque gardens or the city skyline – what’s more British than that?

A city break that’s different from the rest

Most cities have that hustle, bustle and chaos that the vast majority of people only enjoy in small doses, but Cambridge is different. With its laid back, relaxing, romantic and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll never want to leave. Activities like punting also makes it a very different city break that people from all walks of life and with all interests can enjoy.

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