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According to the latest business travel research, there were some 6.6 million business trips taken to the UK and a further 8 million taken from the UK in 2018, statistics that make corporate travel big business in the UK and overseas.

Whether you’re a start-up venture, a small business with bigger ambitions or an established company wishing to boost awareness and sales a little more, travelling somewhere new has never been so important, especially following nationwide lockdown.

Hitting the ground running is now a tack taken by many companies as they look to re-establish themselves after months on hiatus – or of limited operations.

But in today’s post-lockdown world, what’s the safest option if you’re looking to travel for business purposes?

Why business travel is more important than ever

Technology may transcend time and space but taking the ‘old fashioned’ route is still essential when establishing and growing a business. Here Management Events explains why face-to-face meetings are vital to building strong business relationships:

“Meeting your customer in person not only demonstrates that you value their time and business. It also shows the effort you are putting into the meeting – that they are important to you and that the topic of discussion is worth their time and yours.

As in-person meetings feel more personal, the client will leave the meeting feeling that they were able to connect with you as a real person, something that rarely happens through emails or video calls.”

Prioritising human interaction over digital communication also boosts trust, enhances credibility, and prevents the misinterpretations and misunderstandings that can stop a business deal in its tracks.

Face-to-face meetings are also integral to supporting teams based in other areas that will be charged with taking your business to the next level. By being visible and demonstrating leadership in person, you’ll inspire confidence, motivation and commitment to your brand.

Business trips are a key way of facilitating these face-to-face meetings in new locations and new sectors.

Travelling in person to new locations can also unlock opportunities that you just don’t get access to when doing business via email or over the phone.

Business travel – the latest rules and restrictions

The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt changed the way we do business. Many brands, for instance, have put more emphasis on online operations due to the restrictions put on their business premises. With the new normal post-lockdown, however, comes new growth opportunities.

The latest, more relaxed Covid-19 rules and restrictions have put business travel back on the menu for many UK companies.

Safety remains a number one priority, and you are of course urged not to go ahead with your business trip if you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms or self-isolating due to the symptoms of another member of your household.

You are permitted to travel for business purposes within the UK. But you are encouraged to wash or sanitise your hands regularly; maintain social distancing at every stage; wear a face-covering where applicable; walk, cycle, or travel privately where possible; and avoid busy routes when travelling on public transport.

Some areas have also recently been the subjects of local lockdowns, so make sure you’re clued up on any localised restrictions that apply to your journey.

Those travelling overseas for business purposes may have to complete a 14-day quarantine period upon their return – depending on their travel destination.

Planning your UK business trip with safety in mind

As well as following the rules and being aware of the restrictions detailed above, choosing your accommodation wisely is another must when planning a business trip.

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