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The debate on whether serviced apartments or hotels are better rages on. Whilst we’re clear about which we prefer, those new to the serviced scene may be unfamiliar with the countless benefits that go hand-in-hand with a serviced stay.

When compared to hotels, in particular, serviced apartments come out on top in pretty much every area. But with securing a budget break on many people’s minds at the moment as they look to make the most of their newfound freedom post-lockdown, value for money is high on the average traveller’s list of priorities.

Read on to discover how serviced apartments and hotels compare price-wise, and what other perks you can enjoy on your staycation or business trip by going serviced.

The very best value for money…

Here at Citystay, we provide serviced accommodation for people from all walks of life, including those travelling to Cambridge for business or leisure. We understand that whether you’re staying with us on a family holiday, solo trip, couple’s break or business trip, you want to make your money go further.

According to The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, rates for serviced apartments are 20% cheaper than hotels, and savings could be considerably more in a popular destination like Cambridge.

You’ll be able to enjoy low prices as well as unlock various opportunities to save even more money throughout your stay. In hotels, you don’t have access to a kitchen or laundry facilities for instance, which means much of your holiday budget will be spent dining out.

With a serviced stay, you can choose to stay in and cook for yourself to make your budget go further.

…even if you stay a little longer

Those staying a little longer will also come to appreciate the price difference between serviced and hotel stays, especially if you’re a company footing the bill for a business trip, as Property Investments UK discusses:

“…the longer they stay in a serviced apartment, the less the nightly rate. With a hotel, it’s higher because obviously, you’re accommodating that room. Companies will see it as a chance. Let’s say we’re in a two-bedroom apartment, they’ve got two people coming down on contracts, them two people can share that two-bedroom apartment, otherwise they would have to get two hotel rooms.”

A low price doesn’t mean less space

With a serviced apartment, you don’t have to compromise on price or space. On average, a serviced apartment offers 30% more space than a hotel room, and tons more versatility.

Unlike at a hotel, you’ll have multiple rooms to call your own during the length of your stay, which is great news if you’re on a business trip and need the space to double as a temporary office, are travelling in a large group, or are holidaying as a family.

A home from home with a few added extras

Serviced apartments offer that home from home vibe and comfort that you just don’t get with hotels. Not to mention the added perks of unlimited high-speed WiFi, digital TV, welcome packs, orientation pack tablets, luxury Egyptian cotton linen, pocket sprung mattresses, feather pillows and duvets, pick up and drop off services, special offers on attractions and dining, and weekly maid service. You really do get it all!

Want to discover all the benefits mentioned above and so much more? Book a great value serviced stay in Cambridge with us today right here.