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You may be considering relocating your business for a number of reasons. Moving your business to pastures new isn’t a negative thing, relocation can unlock several plus-points for business growth.

Cambridge is a great place to do business, a fact that makes it the first choice for many businesses looking to relocate. With access to great talent, excellent transport links, and even better business support and opportunities, relocating here could provide the boost you need to put your company on the map or get it back on track once more.

Trying the city out before you make the decision to relocate is the key. A lot can be learned by staying a little longer, and a stay in a serviced apartment provides the best base to experience life as a local business person in the heart of Cambridge.

Read on to discover how staying in a serviced apartment could provide all the information needed to make the right decision about the next steps for your business.

Live like a local

Unlike a hotel, a serviced apartment puts you in the thick of things, which is why serviced apartments are deemed the best accommodation for business trips. With a serviced stay you have the freedom and flexibility to truly live life as you would love it if you made Cambridge your business base.

Our serviced apartments may be just a stone’s throw away from the most popular attractions and activities, but they also inspire you to go off the beaten track and explore the authentic side of Cambridge life. By booking a serviced stay you can make sure Cambridge complements your company’s culture and supports your business’ short and long term goals.

Assess the area and see whether it has all you require to grow. Look out for talent that could support your business objectives as well as like-minded business professionals who you could collaborate with.

Stay a little longer

Serviced apartments aren’t just well equipped and convenient. They’re an affordable option if you want to stay a little longer to determine whether business relocation is right for you. As Amanda Holstein of Advice From a 20 Something details staying in your chosen city for at least a week is the key to making the right decision:

“It’s difficult to get a true sense of a city in just a weekend, so I think it’s important to visit for at least a week. A month would be ideal if you’re seriously considering the city but feeling a bit nervous about it. We’ve decided on two weeks and that feels like just the right amount.”

Keep a clear head

By choosing a serviced stay, you can guarantee comfortable surroundings while you make one of the most important decisions of your business life. A serviced apartment provides everything a hotel can offer and so much more, meaning you have the facilities and privacy needed to do some serious thinking.

In a serviced apartment you can also set up a home away from home and a temporary office to ensure the perfect work-life balance throughout your stay.

Book your serviced apartment now, and prepare yourself for a comfortable relocation.