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The great British staycation is set to reign supreme for yet another summer, and as a leading provider of serviced apartments throughout Cambridge, we can certainly see why!

If you’re still on the fence about whether to stay in the UK or travel overseas for your summer holidays, let us win you over with our benefits of holidaying on home turf.

A safer way to holiday

The Covid-19 pandemic has prevented most of us from holidaying for more than a year now, but by choosing a staycation, you can safely and enjoyably make up for lost time.

The journey alone will be safer and more comfortable, with no prolonged mask-wearing, crowds or cramped planes to deal with if you choose to travel by car.

When you arrive, the familiarity of the latest rules and restrictions will give you the confidence to enjoy your holiday.

If you choose to stay with us in one of our serviced apartments, you can also look forward to the highest standards of safety, freedom, and flexibility.

The beauty of Great Britain

When going about our daily lives, it can be rather difficult to admire the beauty of our cities and countryside.

The UK is full of stunning spots offering breathtaking scene after breathtaking scene, and you’ll find so many of these right here in Cambridge.

In addition to exploring outside of Cambridge, the city itself is the perfect place to relax and appreciate stunning greenery.

We’ll let Visit Cambridge tell you why:

“Cambridge truly is a green city – its natural fen landscape flows right into the centre along the River Cam. 

You can picnic under the trees along The Backs, admire the stunning displays of flowering bulbs in spring, or while away the hours in beautifully kept college grounds and Fellows’ gardens.”

There’s so much adventure to enjoy, and whatever your interests, Cambridge is certain to keep you entertained with its many indoor and outdoor attractions and activities.

A leisurely journey

With a staycation, you don’t have to worry too much about logistics, especially if you’re travelling to your destination by car.

You can do your journey, your way, whether you decide to opt for the fastest way to travel via major road networks or take the scenic route through winding country roads.

For families, in particular, staycations make perfect sense. Parents find it easier to travel to their destination when compared with boarding a plane and dealing with transfers at the other end.

All you have to worry about is entertaining the kids on the car journey. Here are some great in-car entertainment ideas for all the family to get you started.

The lack of time difference also means you’ll be better prepared to enjoy your holiday as soon as you arrive.

An affordable price tag

For most families and couples, holidaying here in the UK is much more affordable than jetting off to some far-flung location.

Most staycations are cheaper than overseas hotels, expensive flights and visas. You’re also likely to spend less on clothes and essentials when preparing for your holiday.

Once you’ve arrived, the fact that you share the language and culture with your staycation destination means you’ll be less inclined to make frivolous purchases, such as overpriced meals and tickets for overly touristy attractions.

Those staying with us in our serviced accommodation have the chance to save yet more money.

As well as exploring the local food and drink scene, you can dine in the comfort of your very own apartment, whether you’re cooking yourself or ordering in.

The chance to be a tourist at home

A staycation offers a great way to enjoy a very different side of a city. Whether you want to get to know your destination as a tourist or go off the beaten path, your holiday will reveal a fascinating side to your chosen location.

Booked a staycation in Cambridge? Let these fascinating facts about Cambridge whet your appetite for your upcoming holiday.