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The New Year is the perfect time to make a few resolutions. Setting (and sticking to) resolutions shouldn’t just apply to your personal life, your professional life can be enriched with the right goals.

Despite the impending prospect of Brexit, the UK remains a great place to do business. Whether you’re looking to take your established company to the next level or want to carve out a name for your start-up venture in your respective sector, transforming your business should begin right now.

As a leading provider of centrally located serviced apartments for business travellers, we encounter professionals serving all industry sectors. Here, we take a look at the top ways to transform your business in 2020 and beyond.

Get the mentoring help you deserve

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for some time or are a newbie in your target sector, there’s always so much to learn. Even experienced business owners can benefit from a fresh perspective so make sure you take advantage of business mentoring this year.

Mentors are an essential source of information and knowledge, and can often see where your business can be improved where you cannot. Mentoring doesn’t just benefit professional growth, personal improvement can also be stimulated with the right mentoring help.

If you’re a more experienced business owner then turning mentor yourself can have untold benefits as Rebekah Wallis, People and Corporate Responsibility Director at Ricoh, detailed in this article from The Telegraph:

“The more that you mentor, the better you become. I’ve personally developed my listening, perspective, self-knowledge, compassion, and courage, all wrapped up with integrity and trust – and all of which enable you to be a better leader in your own right.”

Find a marketing strategy that works

Marketing – whether traditional, digital or a mixture of both – gets your business name out there to the people that matter, your customers. Yet, so many businesses don’t personalise their marketing strategy in a way that makes their company stand out from the crowd.

By investing more in market research this year, you can delve deeper into your buyer personas to develop strategies that are really in tune with your target audience.

With a greater level of market research, every penny of your marketing budget can be well spent and better return on investment realised.

Invest in the staff at the centre of your company

Your people are what makes your company, and so often businesses overlook internal development to focus on activities externally. By investing in your staff you can grow your company from within to deliver even better quality and service to your customers.

Even in economically challenging times, investing in employee development is worthwhile. Ongoing training will increase employee value, meaning you can develop resources in-house with upskilling and multi-skilling to provide strong foundations for continued growth.

Operational efficiency and productivity will also be increased with employee training and support. Employee retention is another aspect that will be improved, with trained and supported employees more likely to stay with you for the long haul, as you deliver next-level opportunities and show your appreciation through investment. It’ll save you a fortune in recruitment costs too!

Look elsewhere for business opportunities

Business expansion is a key marker for success in any industry sector. Expanding your business into a new area is a great idea for so many reasons. Seeking new business in other areas increases survival rates, reduces risk, and boosts buying power to unlock more opportunities. It also gives you and your team the chance to expand your expertise and spread the word about your brand to secure greater profits.

Choosing the right area to expand your business is vital. Cambridge unlocks several benefits for businesses looking to expand and explore new commercial opportunities.

Here are just 5 reasons to grow your business in Cambridge to get you started. Embarking on a business trip to Cambridge courtesy of one of our city-centre serviced apartments is an ideal way to experience these advantages for yourself.

Relocate your business with confidence by booking a Cambridge serviced stay today.