Visitor Information

As our guest’s experience is of paramount importance to Citystay, we have compiled a list of useful information and tips to make your stay as pleasurable as possible:-

  • Remember to arrange with your mobile phone provider the cheapest way of using your phone in the UK. It may be easier to purchase a new SIM card when you are here.
  • Citystay offer free Wi-Fi and so access to your emails via your own device should be simple.
  • When walking around Cambridge, be sure to have some appropriate footwear. Cambridge is over 800 years old and as such there many cobbled roads and uneven surfaces.
Trinity College Cambridge
  • Gymnasium – Ask a member of the Citystay team for information and the best deals on gym’s local to your apartment.
  • All UK plug sockets are 3 pin and 240V. Remember to bring international adaptors if you are travelling from abroad. Citystay can loan you adaptors on request, subject to availability.
  • English weather is extremely changeable and so it would be worth carrying a travel umbrella with you in case the weather becomes unpredictable!
  • Air Conditioning does not come as standard within our apartments as Cambridge has a temperate climate all year round however we do have air conditioning units available on request.
  • Bank Holidays are busy three day weekends (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) during which special events take place so make sure you book any events, restaurants or activities early to avoid disappointment. Similarly, ensure that you have your Citystay apartment booked well in advance for Bank Holidays.
  • ‘Graduation Week’ is actually a fortnight which takes place at the end of June each year. From this period right through until the end of August Cambridge is exceptionally busy. Again it is wise to book your Citystay accommodation and events well in advance. During this time, it is advisable to visit tourist spots early to avoid queues and crowds.
  • Although each Citystay apartment comes with a washer/dryer included, Citystay also offer a complete wash, iron and dry cleaning service to all our guests. Click here for more information.
  • For more information on entertainment, museums and culture in Cambridge, visit our Cambridge page.

If you require any more information then please visit the Cambridge Tourist Information website. Visit Cambridge.

Airport Transfers

If you need an airport transfer, then Citystay recommend using Airport Lynx.

Travelling Around By Train

Cambridge is ideally situated for a quick (50min) train journey to the capital, London. Where you can experience all the history, culture, shopping and entertainment the city has to offer. Accessible destinations further north include York and even Edinburgh in Scotland as well as many more in between.

Save money when buying train tickets by booking in advance. The Train Line is the best place to book your tickets.

Travelling By Car

Cambridge is one of the most walking friendly cities in England with excellent and regular public transport. If you wish to travel by car or further afield then why not rent a car and make use of the free parking that Citystay offer with most of our locations. Click the following link for a car hire company. Car Hire.

  • Manual transmission cars are standard in the UK so if you prefer Automatic transmission cars then remember to request this when hiring.
  • Drive on the LEFT hand side of the road.
  • Always give way to the RIGHT at roundabouts and drive clockwise until you exit.
  • Fuel stations are self service.
  • Rural roads can be very narrow and without hard shoulders (run off areas) so take extra care.
  • Look out for motorbikes and cycles. Cambridge is known as ‘Cycle City’ as there are over 20,000 students as well as many residents and tourists choosing to travel by cycle. Ensure that you look out for cyclists at all times.
Cambridge Railway Station

Travelling By Cycle

If you wish to travel around Cambridge like most of the population by bicycle then always remember to lock them when not in use. All Citystay apartments have places for your to lock your bikes. If you are looking to hire a bicycle when you are here then please follow this link to City Cycle Hire, who partner with Citystay for offering our guests bicycle hire.

Travelling On Foot

If you wish to explore the historic city on foot then here are a few tips to keep you safe.

  • Remember to always look RIGHT before stepping off a pavement (sidewalk).
  • Use Zebra, Pelican or controlled crossings to cross roads wherever possible.
  • Always be aware that bicycles may also be using the walkways.
Drummer St Cambridge

Travelling By Taxi

There are several taxi operators in Cambridge. Please see the following links to a selection of taxi operators:-

The standard fare from the majority of our apartments to the city centre is around £5.00.*

Travelling By Bus

There are many regular bus services running all across Cambridgeshire.

  • A standard one-way single bus fare is around £2.50* and can only be paid in cash to the driver.
  • A ‘Day-Rider’ ticket will cost you around £4.00* and enables you to travel all across the city for that day.

for more information on the bus services across Cambridgeshire, including routes, timetables and fares, please see the following links. StagecoachGo Whippet.

Cambridge is one of the safest cities in England but it is always better to be safe than sorry! Here are the most important safety tips for your information and peace of mind.

  • Remember to make sure that your health/travel insurance is up-to-date prior to travelling.
  • Emergency Telephone Number is 999 for Police, Fire, Ambulance and other emergency services. Only call in case of emergency. If you have a medical problem which is not an emergency, please call NHS Direct on 111. For any police related, non-emergency problems, please call 101.
  • Keep your belongings safe at all times. Ensure that when in public places, your bags are always in view and your wallet and personal belongings are on your body. Cover keypads when using cash machines to avoid anyone seeing your PIN number.
  • Walk on the left hand side of escalators and stand stationary on the right hand side.

Keep safe and enjoy our beautiful city.

Cambridge Tourism

When travelling to Cambridge here are few tips and information to assist with any financial matters:-

  • Check with your bank if you can use your bank card in the UK and whether or not there will be any charges for doing so.
  • The UK currency is Pounds Sterling. This is a decimal system of pounds (£) and pence (p). The UK does not accept Euros.
  • Click this link to find out the current exchange rates.
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) is currently 20% and is included in most prices and is quoted where applicable.
  • Tipping is typically 10% in restaurants and taxis etc when you feel you have received good service. This is not mandatory.
Finance in Cambridge