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Everybody loves a city break. Whatever your interests or budget, you’re certain to find plenty to do and to see in one of our fair nation’s cities. Cambridge provides an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a city break that’s full of culture. The famous university city receives millions of visitors every year as a result, with activities like punting a sure-fire hit.

Seeing the city of Cambridge a different way however comes down to so much more than your itinerary. Where you stay has a vital part to play in your overall experience. Booking a serviced apartment is an increasingly popular option.

But unknown to most, serviced apartments aren’t reserved for business travellers. People travelling for leisure can enjoy all the perks of this alternative accommodation too. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of serviced apartments for leisure travellers.


Whilst a housekeeping service is a part of the package when booking a serviced apartment, you’ll have fewer intrusions during your stay, particularly when compared with more traditional accommodation like hotels. As a result, you’ll enjoy a high standard of privacy, similar to the level you relish in your own home.


As your home away from home, you can live the way you want in your serviced apartment. Thanks to the facilities available, you have the option to cook for yourself as well as experience the eateries throughout the city.

The flexibility provided by a stay in a serviced apartment will certainly be appreciated by those travelling as a family. Having a stress-free and fun city break with the kids is possible with the right accommodation. A serviced apartment provides a great retreat during short and long city breaks, and as Family Off Duty details downtime is essential to the success of your stay:

“Short city breaks can feel a bit hectic when you only have a couple of days to go and see all the sights and offerings of a large city. But scheduling down time is something we do every time we visit a city.

No matter for how long we stay there. This is a moment for unwind, relax and we also use it to reflect on things we saw and learnt especially after visiting a very busy touristic sight.”


Serviced apartments provide a cost effective way to enjoy the best a city has to offer. When booking a serviced apartment, the price you see is the price you pay. There’s no hidden, add-on costs that turn affordable accommodation into a great expense.

You also have the facilities to keep costs down in other areas. If you don’t have the budget to eat out every night, you can dine in thanks to your apartment’s fully equipped kitchen. If you need to do some laundry during your stay, you don’t have to head to a laundrette or dry cleaners. These are just two examples of how serviced apartments can help leisure travellers stick to their budgets.


With a hotel room you generally have two areas to explore – the bedroom and the ensuite – but with a serviced apartment you get so much more. The average one-bedroom serviced apartment is twice the size of a hotel room, giving guests more space to relax, unwind and enjoy during their stay.

Centrally located

Our serviced apartments are based in the heart of the action, leaving leisure travellers on the doorstep of Cambridge’s best attractions and activities. Midsummer Mews for instance is located just a stone’s throw away from the city’s historic sights, shopping hotspots, best restaurants and most talked about events.

Serviced apartments offer great convenience in every sense. On average, visitors spend less on transport and have access to additional perks like on-site parking, housekeeping and concierge.

Experience the benefits of serviced apartments first-hand by browsing our range of properties today and booking online.