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Here at Citystay, we welcome travellers from all walks of life to our serviced apartments. Many of our guests use our apartments as comfy bases when on business trips. The city of Cambridge may be small, but it’s a thriving metropolis for professionals looking to take their corporate ambitions to the very next level.

As well as being an excellent place to start a business, the city is a great place to grow an existing venture, and people flock from all over the country – and the world – to do just that.

Cambridge is no doubt a great place to do business. Here we take you through just five of the reasons why you should expand your business into Cambridge.

1. A city that keeps on growing

Thanks to its booming digital economy, Cambridge’s growth rate has been outperforming most of the UK for the last three years. Despite Brexit uncertainty, the city’s economic fortunes have been going from strength to strength with low inflation, rising employment, and increasing earnings – providing a winning recipe for businesses based in and serving Cambridge. As a result, opportunities in Cambridge are abundant, even as the business landscape changes.

2. It’s very well connected

Basing the next leg of your business journey in Cambridge could quite literally open up a whole new world of opportunities for your company. The city is home to a number of excellent transport links. Easy access to the capital, nearby Norwich and Peterborough, and beyond provides plenty of scope for growth, securing talent and attracting new customers.

Stansted is also just 40 minutes away from Cambridge by car, meaning the possibilities are endless when growing your business on a national and international scale.

3. Cambridge is leading the way

The UK’s answer to Silicon Valley can be found in Cambridge. The aptly named Silicon Fen is home to a selection of innovative businesses, all striving to make ground-breaking advances in the fields of technology and science.

One business that’s based in Silicon Fen is PROWLER.io, a company currently in the process of developing the world’s first principled AI decision-making platform. Here, Professor Carl Edward Rasmussen from Cambridge’s Department of Engineering explains more about how being based in Cambridge contributes to the success of companies like PROWLER.io:

“The ecosystem in Cambridge is really healthy. The company has been expanding at an incredible rate, and I think this is something that can only happen in Cambridge… Even with the uncertainty that comes along with working for a start-up, there’s so much going on here that even if a start-up isn’t ultimately successful, there are always new opportunities for talented people because the ecosystem is so rich.”

4. Great talent lives here

Thanks to its world-famous university and the equally fantastic Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge is a never-ending source of talent. The innovative minds honed here could just make your brand a huge name as the right people are all you need to grow successfully.

5. Excellent support for businesses at all stages

Cambridge businesses are well supported, and this certainly shows in their success. As well as gaining advice and assistance from fellow entrepreneurs, Cambridgeshire County Council provides several resources and opportunities for businesses at various stages.

They also connect businesses with investors to ensure funding can be secured where appropriate. Find further information on the support available for Cambridge businesses.

When growing your business in Cambridge make sure you have a great place to call home throughout your corporate trip. Discover exactly why our serviced apartments are the business, then book with us. Guests making a booking with us direct will receive a free bottle of wine – what better way to toast your business success!