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Word on the Street: Burleigh St & Fitzroy St

Word on the street King's Parade

by Peter Fernandez

Greetings travellers, welcome to this post,
Sit down, by all means, let us be your host!
On this cold winter’s eve I do entreat,
Stay a while and hear a Tale of Two Streets.

Perhaps you think this is some kind of trend?
Or you wonder if it is some new meme?
No, it’s Christmas time! And to that end,
We thought we would adopt a rhyming scheme.

Or two.

For those of you who did not quickly curse
this post for being written in such verse,
We’ll tell you which roads warrant rhythmic cloy:
The brother streets both Burleigh and Fitzroy!


These streets are far from short of spots to dine
So many, you won’t have to wait in line!
A great number of fine places to eat,
Can make you feel hungry in this street.

The Sicilian Aromi will fill you up,
Starbucks and Cafe Nero fill your cup.
These roads may lack the gourmet of Savoy,
But let us put a word in for Kymmoy.
A small and unassuming noodle bar,
It serves the best Chinese food there by far!

Otherwise it’s what you might expect,
Nothing awful, nothing quite perfect.

Aromi Cambridge


The Grafton

In this way I concede these streets fall flat,
Unless you buy things to relieve the tension,
A perfect place to pick up this and that,
they aren’t too good at holding your attention.

You might have heard much of the grafton centre
and these roads lead directly to its doors,
As these streets are the proper way to enter ,
We will include it with our final score.

The entertainment factor is “The Vue”,
A cinema that warrant your attention,
While its recliner seats are nothing new,
They’re far too comfy not to get a mention.


In the store department, these streets do excel,
Anything that’s bought these streets do sell.
Forbidden planet for your nerdy friend,
Wilko is ideal for odds and ends,

Gametronics has re-branded more than thrice,
but they’ll still sell games at a hefty price.
Cex is the home of pre-owned discs and phones,
A place to sell things you wish to disown.

NatWest and Co-op Bank will hold your dough
While you grab some food from little Waitrose.
A Primark looms over half the road,
So for a low price your friends can be clothed.

Last but not least, lest you think we forgot,
Burleigh Street is the place for Charity shops.
So, as you see, there’s so much you can find,
to miss a good deal you’d have to be blind!

Waitrose Cambridge

Final Scores:



The Cinema is what makes this high score,
Although non film buffs are left wanting for more.



Aromi is sure to surprise and delight
Generic restaurants kept this score slight



Anything you’d ever want or need,
You must be cautious not to turn to greed!

Average Score:


“Neat Street!”